ICANN Reveal Day

ICANN have just revealed the applied for strings, you can view them here,varying from ‘AAA’ to ‘ZIP’. We’ve come across some interesting ones, including both Google and Amazon applying for ‘Play’ as well as Amazon going  for ‘tunes’. Interestingly Facebook hasn’t got on the bandwagon with no one applying for ‘Facebook’. Have a look through the list and comment with what you find, there’s quite a lot to go through! -Soon we all might all be visiting Amazon.tunes or Google.play!..
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Get the most from AdWords

If you’re using AdWords chances are your account isn’t performing as efficiently as it could be! Bold statement, but this observation is coming from a search marketing agency with experience of 50+ accounts with monthly budgets ranging from £500 – £50,000. Ok, so the million pound question – why? Why isn’t AdWords being used efficiently? Because AdWords is not simple, there is a plethora of techniques and skills that AdWords demands from its user, that most don’t even realise. Google..
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Google “improve” exact & phrase match type

Google to "improve" exact and phrase match

Google has announced today that they are “improving” exact match and phrase match for us, how very kind (have you sensed the sarcasm yet?!) As Search Marketing Agencies know, your ad is only shown from a [exact] match keyword when a user searches that exact term. For example [tennis shoes]. Today Google has announced that  they will “also show your ad when someone searches for close variants of your exact match and phrase match keyword” It will do the following: Google claims that this move “ means that..
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Should your business be on Pinterest?

Should Your Business Be On Pinterest

For those who haven’t heard of Pinterest (where have you been!?) – Pinterest is “a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.” Want to know whether your business should start pinning? Have a look at Intuit’s decision tree below:

Google claims more results space with ‘search header’

New Google SERPS

It appears that Google is trying out a new search results page, introducing a new ‘search header’ meaning that search results  are being pushed further down the page, making it ever so more important to get the desired top spot either naturally or through PPC . Especially when searching location based services… As well as competitive landscapes such as ‘cheap laptops’ where 1+ natural positions are lost above the fold with this new results page.

10 PPC tips for a better ROI

Very useful article from openforum.com, summarising the basics for generating a better return on investment from your PPC activities. Importantly, they note that PPC is often expensive and overwhelming, in the wrong hands, however, a good ROI makes is worthwhile. The basic tips summarised into 10 points: 1. Add poor performing keywords that are costing you money with no relevance to what you’re offering as a negative keywords 2. Target your ads to display in locations you operate in 3…
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