ICANN Reveal Day

ICANN have just revealed the applied for strings, you can view them here,varying from ‘AAA’ to ‘ZIP’. We’ve come across some interesting ones, including both Google and Amazon applying for ‘Play’ as well as Amazon going  for ‘tunes’. Interestingly Facebook hasn’t got on the bandwagon with no one applying for ‘Facebook’. Have a look through the list and comment with what you find, there’s quite a lot to go through! -Soon we all might all be visiting Amazon.tunes or Google.play!

Bounce Rates

Bounce rate can be defined in two ways The % of visitors that do not visit another page on your site after initially arriving at your site The % of visitors that leave your site after a small amount of time (e.g. 5 or 10 seconds) If you want a much more detailed discussion on bounce rate definitions please take a look at the very knowledgeable and informative blog by Avinash Kaushik. Here I am going to take a look specifically how Google..
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Get the most from AdWords

If you’re using AdWords chances are your account isn’t performing as efficiently as it could be! Bold statement, but this observation is coming from a search marketing agency with experience of 50+ accounts with monthly budgets ranging from £500 – £50,000. Ok, so the million pound question – why? Why isn’t AdWords being used efficiently? Because AdWords is not simple, there is a plethora of techniques and skills that AdWords demands from its user, that most don’t even realise. Google..
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Google “improve” exact & phrase match type

Google to "improve" exact and phrase match

Google has announced today that they are “improving” exact match and phrase match for us, how very kind (have you sensed the sarcasm yet?!) As Search Marketing Agencies know, your ad is only shown from a [exact] match keyword when a user searches that exact term. For example [tennis shoes]. Today Google has announced that  they will “also show your ad when someone searches for close variants of your exact match and phrase match keyword” It will do the following: Google claims that this move “ means that..
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Should your business be on Pinterest?

Should Your Business Be On Pinterest

For those who haven’t heard of Pinterest (where have you been!?) – Pinterest is “a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.” Want to know whether your business should start pinning? Have a look at Intuit’s decision tree below:

SEO Infographic – SEO Periodic Table


Pretty awesome infographic simplifying the mystery of SEO onto one sheet. We just had to put this on our blog, a handy reference guide. OK it won’t help you unless you have a basic understanding of the key factors of SEO, but once you have gained that knowledge, this is what you need as an aide memoir. If you want to grab your own copy you can hop over to Search Engine Land and get one. The Periodic Table Of..
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Building and Reviewing Landing Pages

We found this useful video that give you the seven sins of landing pages. It is a good primer to help you under stand what is good and bad regarding landing pages. After all, you probably are spending a lot of time with SEO or money with Adwords to get visitors to your pages, so its really is worth finding out about optimising those landing pages.

Infographic for Digital Marketing ROI

SEO and PPC infographics for roi on internet marketing

For many organisations PPC and SEO bring a higher return on investment than TV, print and radio.Traditional Media is not in danger of being totally replaced by digital marketing, but used correctly digital marketing can provide a very high ROI. Many large internet brands are now using traditional media to complement their internet marketing efforts. Based on a survey by SEMPO this infographic illustrates the survey responses to the following question – “What are the top three most efficient forms..
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Google claims more results space with ‘search header’

New Google SERPS

It appears that Google is trying out a new search results page, introducing a new ‘search header’ meaning that search results  are being pushed further down the page, making it ever so more important to get the desired top spot either naturally or through PPC . Especially when searching location based services… As well as competitive landscapes such as ‘cheap laptops’ where 1+ natural positions are lost above the fold with this new results page.

Google – search becomes social

HP Sharing SS Updated

At the end of June 2011, Google launched Google+, a platform that is expected to rival Facebook and maybe knock them of their perch. The idea is to make every existing Google product socially compatible. They have a lot to work with, including Picasa, Gmail and Google Maps and information and functions from all of these will be integrated into the Google+ experience. Google introduced the +1 to help recommend content on Google Search, but we all knew that this..
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Measure and optimise social media for business impact

One of the bigger issues around ‘social media’ is that you intuitively know you must be doing it, but how do you measure it. To maximize ROI you always needs to optimise your campaigns, but if you are not measuring you can’t optimse. The following webinar covers this subject and also has many other useful insights to social media marketing. Measure and optimize social media for business impact.

Google change the look and feel of site links

Google have just release a change to site links, which our initial reaction was ‘whats happened’! Before site links appeared like this, with 8 deep links into a site, to aid query navigation Now the change has been implemented  it looks like this,with up to 12 links, with snippets of text:- The theory behind the change is it increases visibility, flexibility, clarifty and quality. Hence improving the google users experience. As before, as a site owner, you can’t directly control..
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Link Building SEO tips

Quality over quantity is key in your link building strategy. You may be able to get a link from fashion blog, but what does that have to do with your business if you sell cart parts? Just because you can get a link on a site from doesn’t mean its going provide any value for your audience. A few quality links, relevant to your site is a better than thousands of links on random sites. When you start link building,..
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10 PPC tips for a better ROI

Very useful article from openforum.com, summarising the basics for generating a better return on investment from your PPC activities. Importantly, they note that PPC is often expensive and overwhelming, in the wrong hands, however, a good ROI makes is worthwhile. The basic tips summarised into 10 points: 1. Add poor performing keywords that are costing you money with no relevance to what you’re offering as a negative keywords 2. Target your ads to display in locations you operate in 3…
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Google fight webspam with improved end user reporting

Google annouced to day their continued fight againast web sites that ‘game’ the search algorithms. From Google’s perspective it is important for them that they don’t keep presenting the so-called webspam sites at the top of the listings, obviously if they did present spam all the time, user would leave Google in their droves. To wage this war against webspam, they are continuing to engage the end users, and to do so they have rolled out a new webspam reporting..
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Video Marketing Certificate

On-line video is one of the most powerful marketing tools currently available. A low cost video can reach millions of viewers in no time. We have just heard the IAB has launched a Video Marketing Certificate, a dedicated training course happening on 18th November 2011 to ensure all marketers make the most of the growing opportunities in online video. Figures from the IAB revealed that spend in video marketing has grown 91% in just one year. This growth makes it..
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