Google fight webspam with improved end user reporting

Google annouced to day their continued fight againast web sites that ‘game’ the search algorithms. From Google’s perspective it is important for them that they don’t keep presenting the so-called webspam sites at the top of the listings, obviously if they did present spam all the time, user would leave Google in their droves.

To wage this war against webspam, they are continuing to engage the end users, and to do so they have rolled out a new webspam reporting form

they quote these improvements

Option to report various search issues
There are many search results, such as sites with malware and phishing, that are not necessarily webspam but still degrade the search experience. We’ve noticed that our users sometimes report these other issues using our webspam report form, causing a delay between when a user reports the issue and when the appropriate team at Google handles it. The new form’s interstitial page allows you to report these other search issues directly to the correct teams so that they can address your concerns in a timely manner.

Simplified form with informative links
To improve the readability of the form, we’ve made the text more concise, and we’ve integrated helpful links into the form’s instructions. Now, the ability to look up our Webmaster Guidelines, get advice on writing actionable form comments, and block sites from your personalized search results is just one click away.

Thank you page with personalization options
Some of our most valuable information comes from our users, and we appreciate the webspam reports you submit to us. The thank you page explains what happens once we’ve received your webspam report. If you want to report more webspam, there’s a link back to the form page and instructions on how to report webspam more efficiently with the Chrome Webspam Report Extension. We also provide information on how you can immediately block the site you’ve reported from your personalized search results, for example, by managing blocked sites in your Google Account.

It is worth taking a look at the webspam form, as it gives you an idea of what to steer clear of or risk being dropped by Google.

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