PPC Audit

Does your PPC account need a facelift?

Is it just about bobbing above the waterline?

We can help with our PPC account audit services, after analysing the following areas below we produce a straight forward report detailing where your account can be greatly improved and talk you through it.

Strategy & Scope

We use a nifty tool called Goalscape to visually represent the strategy and scope of the audit.

PPC Audit

You can access the interactive version here


Keyword Analysis

Targeting specific rather than generic keywords, making sure you have the right number of keyword (not too many, not too few) and ensuring you have the right keywords for your business aims can have a significant positive effect on your conversion rate and return on investment. We will analyse key metrics: Traffic Volume, Click Through Rates (CTR), Bounce Rates, Cost Per Click (CPC), Bid Amount, Impression Share, Average Position and return on investment (ROI).

Adcopy Analysis

Dynamic keyword insertion, clear call to actions, qualification, utilising the available features such as URL to the full, are some of the techniques that can be used when creating ad. We will review your current set of ads and will suggest improvements to give you the best possible variations for your needs.

Landing Page Analysis

The landing page(s) are key to conversion, once you have spent your money on obtaining a click, you will want to ensure the highest possibility of converting. Our audit will review your landing pages and recommend improvements where appropriate.

Analytics Analysis

Good PPC management require great metrics. We will analyse your analytics data as part of the audit.

Account Structure

Structuring the account correctly is key to efficient management of your campaigns. Whilst in theory PPC is quicker to see improved ROI than through SEO, PPC still needs to be managed in a way where results can be improved over time. Without a correctly structured account it is difficult to make structured, measured and control changes to the campaigns.
Having a logically structured account enables a much more granular approach overall.
A ROiBOT PPC campaign audit will help you obtain higher ROI through a complete analysis of your campaign.